Awake My Soul



  • My first thought when I heard about the bombs yesterday was that I hoped LRG was ok. I kept reloading my dash to see if anyone had any info and was relieved when I saw that she was ok. Still, very sad for the dead and injured. Words don’t do it justice.
  • I owe so much in taxes that I may as well just go to jail and do my time. I’m not a big business owner or executive and I’m not “rich.” It’s crazy. At least in jail I’d have a place to stay and food and clothes. My buddy Martha Stewart says it’s pretty nice.
  • 3 days until CHSH and 2 days until Jessica gets here! I need to get out of this funk and that’s just the prescription. That and more cowbell.
  • We’re taking the train to Chicago - so excited! Nobody has to drive, we get to be idiots and make everyone else nuts and it’s going to be so awesome.
  • Did you guys read that poem I posted last night? Did you? I know I brag on my girl a lot, but that poem…I mean, wow. How could you not think it’s amazing? I cried. My heart is bursting with pride.
  • I really need to find a second job. I’ve applied at a couple places but didn’t hear back. They were mostly mall jobs, retail type things. I thought maybe they would be flexible enough to keep my real job. I’m hesitant to look at hospital nursing jobs because they just aren’t as flexible as I need, and I really want to keep my “real” job. We’ll see I guess.
  • This ended up being longer than I wanted. Sorry.
  • Good day to you. I said GOOD DAY.