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"Ready for another one?"

Upgrades are the bomb.

On my way home from the corporate meeting where we discussed Saturday’s events, including my resignation.

There are situations in which my lack of emotion serves well. This was one.

Over the next month I’ll be transitioning out of full time employee to independent contractor. I basically said it wasn’t personal, I’m taking a logical approach to ensuring their success. But they still really want me for some things (mostly the show pony stuff - public speaking, which actually beats out death in what people fear most) and the IC route makes a lot of sense.

I still need a regular job tho, and I heard back from two people yesterday to set up interviews.

I’m happy. Like really really happy. This is the perfect outcome honestly.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts and messages! Love you guys. 💜



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Watching Pet Sematary

Because my day hasn’t been disturbing enough.

Ugh people

Had a horrible work call today after which I spent about four hours online applying for any job I could find with a requirement of breathing that paid enough to buy a pair of boots cuz mine are made for walking and I’m so quitting my job because after I applied for like fy-hunnit jobs I wrote my letter of resignation.

So I’m already in a crap mood and now I’m headed to a BBQ where there will be people all talking and stuff and why can’t I just crawl up in a ball and have someone hug me & play with my hair while I cry myself to sleep mumbling run-on sentences?

Also, wanna hire me? I’m cheap.

There were moments that I wanted to scream but I think I’ll eventually get this mascara deal. It definitely takes some practice.

And you can’t argue with results. Thanks Cynthia!!

Crabby Day

  • Slept kinda shitty and woke up earlier than I wanted.
  • Bills amirite
  • Boss called and I have to go to Florida Monday. Come home Tuesday. Then go to Raleigh Thursday and come home Friday. 
  • Feeling fat this week. My appetite has been out of control.
  • It’s 66° here and my hands are so stiff I’m having trouble typing. Give me summer back.
  • New Zealand sounds nice. Let’s move there.
  • Coed game tonight at least. Nose is less swollen and bruising is going away finally. Here’s a gif of me getting it in the face on Sunday.


Hope y’all have a fab Friday.



❒ Single. ❒ Taken. ✔ Hungry

Ethan Kim Photography - YouTube

A professional photographer gave us a free sitting because he needed guys for his HS portrait portfolio, so here’s a short video of some of 17’s pictures. The day they shot these at the park, he got heckled by some people floating down the river with a cooler. It was pretty funny.

Guy is good, IMO. He’s done fashion photography too. Pretty sure we can use some for senior pics. Awwww yisssss savin’ pennies.


Reads from bottom to top.

Honestly, moving to another country looks better every day.

Oh I see you…

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